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            Enterprise News
            The smart dual-carbon platform of Qingtian Technology, a subsidiary of ZhongAnke, helps the construction of ecological and cultural and creative parks, and Changchun Jingyue Central Park displays the North Spring City
            Release time: 2023-10-13
            Recently, the academic forum of "Urban Renewal · Born to the Beauty" of the Architectural Society of China was held in Changchun Jingyue Central Park. This academic forum is one of the series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Architectural Society of China. Many academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, national engineering survey and design masters and famous experts and scholars in the industry were invited to gather in Changchun to discuss the academic theory of urban renewal, innovative ideas and research results of the industry. The forum focuses on the urban renewal and governance practice of the old industrial base, better thinking about the future path of urban renewal, promote cross-border cooperation and innovative thinking in the field of urban renewal, promote the high quality and high efficiency of national urban renewal and industry-city rejuvenation, and strive to pursue better development.

            After the success of the forum, Changchun Jingyue Central Park will be officially open to Changchun citizens. Changchun Jingyue Central Park covers a total area of about 490,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 45,000 square meters. It aims to build a cultural tourism ecological park that meets diverse needs, dynamic and ecological characteristics, create a high-quality cultural and creative art atmosphere, and enhance the immersive interactive participation experience of Changchun citizens.
            Changchun net month central park on the design concept highlights the theme of wen gen + ecological, as the Changchun "six city linkage" strategy of "cultural creative city" in the construction of the main, by building independent innovation of Changchun new landmark, set up the gen and ecological image new heights, create the design and construction of urban public space custody integration, meet the leisure, art, sports, catering, kang, education and other formats.

            Shanghai Qingtian Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ZhongAnke, undertakes the development of the intelligent dual-carbon operation and management platform of Changchun Jingyue Central Park and the construction of the overall intelligent system of the park, creating a leading model of intelligent and low-carbon park construction in China.

            Qingtian Technology Smart double-carbon park operation and management platform

            Qingtian Smart Double Carbon Park operation and management platform focuses on building an IOC intelligent visualization operation center, 5 types of intelligent and low-carbon application systems and 12 sub-application scenarios, and 3 types of application small programs for the government, operators and visitors.


            The IOC operation center of the Smart Double Carbon Park integrates the data resources of the existing intelligent system to realize the "visual, manageable and controllable" of the park.
            Using intelligent center, IOT the core ability of technology platform, build digital operation management platform, through 3 d visual modeling, platform highly integrated park, public buildings, the professional data, people, car, events, energy consumption, environment, security and other important indicators information comprehensive monitoring and intelligent control, provide the most favorable decision basis for the park operation, realize the park operation management a picture, comprehensive situation visualization.



            5 types of intelligent and low-carbon application systems, centralized and collaborative management, data sharing and unity, comprehensive, manageable and controllable.



            The park intelligent system helps to realize the function of the intelligent dual-carbon platform.
            The intelligent system of Qingtian Technology Construction Park, a subsidiary of ZhongAnke, covers 5 categories of applications and more than 20 subsystems. Through data interaction and sharing with the intelligent dual-carbon operation and management platform, it realizes intelligent service, fine management, improves operation efficiency, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and creates a benchmark demonstration of smart park. Qingtian Technology is constantly accelerating the enterprise innovation and transformation, using digital and intelligent means to promote the digital transformation of the industry. Through the digital operation of the park, to build a safe, convenient, green and efficient intelligent double-carbon park.

            Founded in 2005, Qingtian Technology, a member of ZhongAnke Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise specializing in smart buildings, smart parks, smart cultural tourism, smart medical treatment, smart factory system integration and digital transformation of the industry. Optimus technology on the basis of integration innovation, relying on strong technology research and development ability and consulting design delivery ability, through the nationwide strategic layout, formed on the basis of system integration technology, driven by the industry digital software platform development, research and development, consulting, design, implementation, maintenance, operation in the integration of comprehensive wisdom city and industry digital solutions integrators and service providers.

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